• 1) Dear Sally,
    Would you like to come to my birthday party on 7th April?
    It starts at 8 p.m. at my house.

    What time is the party?

    A) It is in the morning.
    B) It is a house party.
    C) It is in April.
    D) It is at eight p.m.
  • 2) Aşağıdaki tavsiyelere bakarak Cem’in ne sorunu olduğunu bulunuz.

    You should take vitamins and eat fresh fruit. You shouldn’t drink cold water. You should also blow your nose. You should have a rest.

    A) I’ve got flu.
    B) I’ve got the measles.
    C) I’ve got a backache.
    D) I’ve got an earache.
  • 3) - _________ you like action movies?
    - No, I _______ .

    A) Do / do
    B) Does / doesn't
    C) Do / don't
    D) Does / does
  • 4) Dabbe is a / an __________ film.
    A) adventure
    B) romance
    C) cartoon
    D) horror
  • 5) Sam : Let’s do yoga.
    Bob : …………….. I must do my homework.

    A) It is a good idea
    B) OK.
    C) That sounds great
    D) No, I can’t
  • 6) . Kader : …………………… ?
    Bilgi : It’s on 9th December.

    A) What type of party is it?
    B) When is your birthday?
    C) Where is the party?
    D) What time is it?
  • 7) Snow White is ………….. and…………..
    A) ugly / honest
    B) beautiful/ friendly
    C) evil/ brave
    D) handsome/ interesting
  • 8)

  • 9) June, …….…. , August
    Yaz aylarından eksik olanı bulun.

    A) March
    B) April
    C) September
    D) July
  • 10) Terry can ................ weights. 
    A) lift 
    B) run 
    C) walk 
    D) climb
  • 11) t is a farm animal.It can run fast.It likes carrots. (yukarıda tanımı verilen hayvan hangisidir?)
    A) dog
    B) cat
    C) rabbit
    D) lion
  • 12)

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  • 16)

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