• 1) A:__________________?
    B:It’s five o’clock.

    a) Where is the clock
    b) What does it do
    c) What time is it
    d) How many clocks are there
  • 2) The concert starts ___ 10 o’clock.
    a) in
    b) on
    c) at
    d) over
  • 3) I invited him to the party , but he ________ .He is going out of the city.
    a) accepted
    b) joined
    c) refused
    d) shared
  • 4) A true friend always ___________ you up when you’re in trouble.
    a) sees
    b) takes
    c) backs
    d) gives
  • 5) A:Would you like to see a movie this weekend?
    B:I ‘d like to , but _________ . I’m going to have guests.

    a) fine
    b) I can’t
    c) great
    d) yes
  • 6) ____ your brother ____ a cat?
    a) Do / have
    b) Does / has
    c) Do / has
    d) Does / have
  • 7) Why don’t you _____ my invitation. I invite you to my party.
    a) refuse
    b) share
    c) accept
    d) do
  • 8) Which word is different?
    a) perfect
    b) impressive
    c) trendy
    d) ridiculous
  • 9) Your friend invites you to a birthday party. How can you accept her invitation?
    a) I am afraid I can’t.
    b) Sure,why not?
    c) I am sorry I can’t.
    d)Thanks but I have a meeting.
  • 10) Behlül: …………………………………
    Bihter :Science fiction and horror

    a)Would you like to go the cinema?
    b)What about Romance?
    c)What are you doing tonight?
    d)What kind of movies do you like ?
  • 11) Selin: What are you going to do at the weekend Şeyda?
    Şeyda: I don't have any plans. Why?
    Selin: I heard a good romance is playing at the movie theater on Sunday evening. I'll go and watch it. Would you like to come?
    Şeyda: .................... I like romances.

    A) No.
    B) Yes, I’d love to
    C) I'm sorry but I can't.
    D) That's not a good idea.
  • 12) Sandy : What can we say for someone that we don’t know?
    Jane: It means …………..

    A) buddy. B) stranger.
    C) true friend. D) friendship.
  • 13) I think Sally is a great friend ……………..
    A) She always wears fashionable clothes.
    B) She likes playing usual sports.
    C) She usually lies to me.
    D) She always backs me up.
  • 14) Your friend invites you to a slumber party tomorrow but you have a guest then, so you can’t accept the invitation. What do you say?
    a) Thank you buddy but my cousin is going to visit me tomorrow.
    b) Oh great! I love slumber parties. I will join you.
    c) Why not? Can I bring something?
    d) Sounds good. I don’t have another plan.
  • 15) I’m going to____a tea party___Friday___8p.m. Would you like to___my party?
    a) make / in / on / join b) have / at / on / meet
    c) have / on / at / attend d) do / on / in / go
  • 16) Şule is my true friend. We share similar likes and dislikes. We always___each other.
    a) tell lies
    b) get on well
    c) go for a walk
    d) come over
  • 17) Aygül: What do you do after school?

    a) Zorbing is my favorite sport
    b) I’m not good at fixing my bike.
    c) I went to Trabzon yesterday.
    d) I go cycling with my friends.
  • 18) You can’t attend a party.Make an good excuse.
    a-Sounds great!
    b- Oh,I ‘d love to
    c-Unfortunately I can’t. I have to study then
    d-No ,not at all.Why?
  • 19) Mert:Do you have any plans this Sunday?
    Kerem: Nothing special………………………….Why?
    Mert:We’re having friends over.Do you join us?
    Kerem: That would be great.

    A) I have to study lessons.
    B) I’m going to visit my grandparents.
    C) I don’t have any plans.
    D) Comedies are my favourite.
  • 20) Bob:Are you busy tomorrow evening?
    Sude:No, not at all………………………………Why
    Bob:we are going to have a barbecue.Would you like to join us?
    Sude:Yes,I would

    a-I am not ready for the exam.I have to study.
    b- I ‘m not going to do anything.
    c-I have to go to shopping mall
    d I am going to visit my relatives –
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