• 1) Kevin: I don’t feel well today. - - - - ?
    Mark : Yes, it’s the white building behind the post office.

    A) How can I go to the post office
    B) What’s the matter the with you
    C) Where is the pharmacy
    D) Is there a hospital here
  • 2) John - - - -.
    A) coughs and feels cold
    B) should miss his meals
    C) has a stomachache
    D) needs some tissues
  • 3) Adalet:………….….?
    Hatice: It’s about a man’s adventures.

    A) Who are the main characters
    B) What is on TV
    C) What time is that movie
    D) What is it about
  • 4) Aşağıda verilen boşluklara parantez içindeki Türkçe karşılıkları verilen kelimelerden hangisi gelmelidir?

    “I need ten ….(mum), a …. (palyaço) and some …..(parti şapkası).”

    A) guests - party hats - gifts
    B) candles - clown - party hats
    C) drinks - presents - candles
    D) invitation cards - cake – games
  • 5) When do we celebrate the Sports and Youth Day?
    a) on 19th May
    b) on 23rd April
    c)on 29 th October
    d) on 30 th August
  • 6) The .............. is examining the animals.
    a) vet
    b) teacher
    c) police
    d) doktor
  • 7) A baby dog is a ............. 
    a) kitten
    b) puppy
    c) cat
    d) peacock
  • 8) Match the activities with the pictures. (Resimlerle aktiviteleri eşleştirin-harflerin yanına sayıları yazın)

  • 9) Boşlukları cümle yapısına göre Shall we / Let’s / How about ile tamamlayınız.
    1-I am very bored. ___________________ go to cinema together
    . 2-The weather is very nice. _______________________ having a picnic?
    3-_______________________play football after school?
    4-_______________________preparing a surprise party for Tuğba?
    5-This is a difficult question. _________________ ask it to teacher.
  • 10) Joe : - - - - ?
    Hillary : Milking the cows. It is very enjoyable.

    A) Can you feed the cows in the farm
    B) What is your favourite farm activity
    C) Are you afraid of the farm animals
    D) What are you doing in the zoo now
  • 11) The zebras are………….
    a) swimming
    b) eating banana
    c) having bath
    d) running
  • 12) Sally likes doing ___________
    A) soccer
    B) golf
    C) fit
    D) yoga
  • 13) Ted : What time is the party? Kate : ………………………….
    A) It is at my home
    B) It is in my school
    C) It is a costume
    D) It is at six o’clock
  • 14) D. Boşlukları “ at / in / on ” ile doldurunuz.
    1. The school starts __________ half past six.
    2. I go to gym __________Mondays and Thursdays.
    3. Her birthday is __________ 5th of June.
    4. First term of the school starts __________ September.
    5. Come to my pamas party. It is tomorrow __________ 8 pm.
    6. We celebrate mother’s day __________ May.
  • 15) What type of film is Recep İvedik ?
    A) Comedy
    B) Horror
    C) Romance
    D) The news
  • 16)

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