• 1) Verilen cümledeki boşlukları sırasıyla tamamlayan seçenek hangisidir?
    There are twelve months in a year. They are January, - - - - ,
    March, April, May, - - - - , July, August, - - - - , October,
    November and December.

    A) September - February - June
    B) February - September - June
    C) February - June - September
    D) September - June - February
  • 2) Dennis: I must go shopping for my 12th birthday party. I need, some party hats, balloons and - - - - for my birthday cake.
    A) a lot of gifts
    B) some guests
    C) some candles
    D) toys and dolls
  • 3) The .............. is examining the animals.
    A) teacher
    B) doctor
    C) vet
    D) police
  • 4) She is ................. the chickens.
    A) adopting
    B) playing
    C) climbing
    D) feeding
  • 5) Tom is ............ his homework now.
    A) feeding
    B) playing
    C) doing
    D) jumping
  • 6) A bird has got two .............
    A) wings
    B) tails
    C) beaks
    D) fins
  • 7) nine hundred and forty-nine?
    a) 685
    b) 794
    c) 970
    d) 949
  • 8) 743  rakamının yazılışı hangi seçenekte doğru verilmiştir? 
    a) seven hundred and forty-three
    b) six hundred and forty-five
    c) seven hundred and two
    d) seven hundred and twenty-three
  • 9)

  • 10) Diyaloğu verilen cümlelerle tamamlayınız.
    - Do you like exercising?
    - Let’s go bowling!
    - How about ice-skating in the afternoon?
    - Swimming. I like swimming.
    - I’m afraid I can’t.

    Jack : Let’s go jogging!
    Mark : (1) ___________________________. I’m ill. I must stay in bed.
    May : (2) __________________________________________________?
    Charles : Great! I love ice-skating.
    Kate : (3) _____________________________________ !
    Jill : I’m sorry, I can't. I must study.
    Terry : (4) __________________________________________________?
    Sue : Oh, yes.
    Terry : What’s your favourite activity?
    Sue : (5) ______________________________________
    Terry : Let’s go swimming in the afternoon.
    Sue : OK. That sounds great.
  • 11) . Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense. (Boşlukları Present Continuous Tense ‘Şimdiki Zaman’ ile doldurunuz.)
    1.She ______________________(donate) money for the street animals.
    2. The cat ________________________(not play) in the garden at the moment.
    3.Mert and Orhan ______________________(climb) a mountain now.
    4.I ________________(help) my mother now.
    5. The vet _____________________(examine) the rabbit at the moment.
    6. What ____________________(you / do ) now? Are you free?
  • 12) Paragrafı okuyun ve TRUE (DOĞRU) FALSE (YANLIŞ) yazın.

    Hello, my name is Wilfred. I live in France. My hobbies are cycling, jogging and playing table tennis. I like animations because I think they are fascinating. But I don’t like watching detective films. Alex is my father. He likes football and basketball. He also likes watching documentaries because he loves animals. My mother, Suzanna, likes doing push-ups and sit-ups. She likes watching adventure movies. She thinks adventure movies are enjoyable and interesting. Me and my family like doing sport and watching movies.

    1. Wilfred’s hobbies are cycling, push-ups and sit-ups. __________
    2. His father likes watching documentaries. __________
    3. His mother, Suzanna, thinks adventure movies are enjoyable and interesting. __________
    4. Wilfred likes watching detective films. __________
    5. Wilfred and his family like doing sport and watching movies. __________
  • 13) Eda: What time is the party?
    Melek : ………………………….

    a) It is at my home
    b) It is in myschool
    c) It is a costume
    d) It is at two o’clock
  • 14) The birds live in the _______
    A) web
    B) den
    C) hole
    D) nest
  • 15) Fill the gaps in Present Continuous Tense ( am – is – are )
    A: What ________ you _____________ (do), mum?
    B: I ________________ (feed) the ducks.
    A: Shall I help you?
    B: Sure. They___________________ (play) now.
    A: Okay.
  • 16)

  • 17) MATCH THE WORDS WITH PICTURES.(Resimlerin altına uygun sporu yazın)

    Horse riding

  • 18) Dear Sally,
    Would you like to come to my birthday party on 7th April?
    It starts at 8 p.m. at my house.

    What time is the party?

    A) It is in the morning.
    B) It is a house party.
    C) It is in April.
    D) It is at eight p.m.
  • 19) Sam : Let’s do yoga.
    Bob : …………….. I must do my homework.

    A) It is a good idea
    B) OK.
    C) That sounds great
    D) No, I can’t
  • 20) June, …….…. , August
    Yaz aylarından eksik olanı bulun.

    A) March
    B) April
    C) September
    D) July
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