• 1) Aşağıdaki kelimelerin İNGİLİZCE anlamlarını yazınız.
    kuş /
    parti /
    ocak /
  • 2) Doctor: Children should be careful about their health and they - - - -.
    A) need chips, chocolate and coke
    B) should eat fruit and vegetables
    C) can drink cold things at breakfast
    D) should play Chinese whispers
  • 3) Kevin is tall and slim. His favorite class is P.E. and he - - - - .
    A) hates climbing mountains
    B) must camp in the woods
    C) loves playing basketball
    D) should go fishing
  • 4) ......... is talking on the phone?
    My dad.

    A) Where
    B) Who
    C) When
    D) What time
  • 5) nine hundred and fifty-four”
    Yukarıda yazılışı verilen rakam hangisidir? 

    a) 900
    b) 354
    c) 752
    d) 954
  • 6) Two hundred and fifty eight ?
    a) 205
    b) 285
    c) 258
    d) 528
  • 7)

  • 8) Match the festivals with the dates. (Tarihlerle festivalleri eşleştiriniz)
    a. 23rd April _________ 1. Republic Day
    b. 30th August _________ 2. Youth and Spor Festival
    c.19th May _________ 3. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day
    d.29th October _________ 4.Victory Day
  • 9) Sorulara cevap veriniz.
    1. What is your favourite fitness activity?
    2. Which animal do you like?
  • 10) A: I am bored.
    B: _______________
    A: That sounds great. I like films.

    A) Let's have a rest.
    B) What about watching TV?
    C) How about drinking tea?
    D) Shall we eat a sandwich?
  • 11) -___________________________?
    - Not now, because it isn’t hungry.

    A) Can I clean the dog’s kennel
    B) Can I brush the dog
    C) Can I give water to the dog
    D) Can I feed the dog
  • 12) Turabi : Let’s go swimming.
    Hilmicem :…………….. I have a headache.

    A) I’am sorry but I can’t.
    B) It is a good idea
    C) That sounds great
    D) OK.
  • 13) Aşağıdaki kelimeler anlam bakımından gruplandırıldığında hangi seçenek dışarıda kalır?
    A) Movie
    B) Cake
    C) Balloons
    D) Candle
  • 14) “W e celebrate …………………..…on 23nd April.”
    C)Children’s day
    D)Republic Day
  • 15)

  • 16)

  • 17)

  • 18)

  • 19) How about going to Uludağ?
    _______________ I like skiing.

    A) Yes, let’s.
    B) That’s not a good idea.
    C) I’m sorry ,I can’t.
    D) No, let’s not. I’m busy.
  • 20) Aşağıdaki tavsiyelere bakarak Cem’in ne sorunu olduğunu bulunuz.

    You should take vitamins and eat fresh fruit. You shouldn’t drink cold water. You should also blow your nose. You should have a rest.

    A) I’ve got flu.
    B) I’ve got the measles.
    C) I’ve got a backache.
    D) I’ve got an earache.
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