• 1) Is / İbrahim / brave / ?


    is / it / what / about / ?

  • 2) A bird has got two .............
    A) wings
    B) tails
    C) beaks
    D) fins
  • 3) When do we celebrate the Sports and Youth Day?
    a) on 19th May
    b) on 23rd April
    c)on 29 th October
    d) on 30 th August
  • 4) What do we do in the Ramadan feast?
    a) We read book
    b) We perform sport shows
    c) We use candle
    d) We kiss our old people’s hands
  • 5) Who celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
    a) Chinese people
    b) Americans in Mexico
    d) Mexicans in USA
  • 6) George : - - - -
    Mike : I am sorry, I don’t have a bike.

    B) How about playing tennis?
    C) Shall we go swimming?
    D) Let’s go cycling.
  • 7) Mark: Hello Jane. This is Mark.
    Jane : Hello, Mark.
    Mark: _______ ____ , Jane?
    Jane : Nothing. I’m sitting at home and watching TV.
    Mark : Shall we go to the park?

    A) What’s up
    B) What colour
    C) What day
    D) Which season
  • 8) -___________________________?
    - Not now, because it isn’t hungry.

    A) Can I clean the dog’s kennel
    B) Can I brush the dog
    C) Can I give water to the dog
    D) Can I feed the dog
  • 9) Read the paragraph and answer the questions. (paragrafı okuyun ve soruları cevaplandırın.)
    I am having a holiday with my school friends on the Alps. We love winter holiday. Now, I’m in a cafe. We are doing different things. Bred is skiing. Julie is listening to music. Mandy is playing the guitar. Cedric is singing. Greg is talking on his mobile phone with his family. Luis is making a snowman. Tim is eating a hamburger and drinking orange juice. Samuel is playing with his dog. It’s a very enjoyable holiday.

    1. What is Bred doing? ________________________.
    2. What is Julie doing? ________________________.
    3. What is Mandy playing? ________________________.
    4. Who is singing? ________________________.
    5. Who is making a snowman? ________________________.
  • 10) Fill the gaps in Present Continuous Tense ( am – is – are )
    A: What ________ you _____________ (do), mum?
    B: I ________________ (feed) the ducks.
    A: Shall I help you?
    B: Sure. They___________________ (play) now.
    A: Okay.
  • 11)

  • 12)

  • 13) Dear Sally,
    Would you like to come to my birthday party on 7th April?
    It starts at 8 p.m. at my house.

    What kind of party is it?

    A) It is a graduation party
    B) It is a birthday party
    C) It is an anniversary
    D) It is a New Year Party.
  • 14) Terry can ................ weights. 
    A) lift 
    B) run 
    C) walk 
    D) climb
  • 15)

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