• 1) Kate : - - - -
    Nazlı : I usually fry it.I sometimes grill it,too.

    A) How do you make a cake?
    B) Do you usually cook a chicken?
    C) How do you cook a chicken?
    D) Do you cook tomato soup?
  • 2) Nuriye is my true friend in the class. She - - - - .
    A) always tells me a lie
    B) is like a science teacher
    C) always gets on well with me
    D) never encourages me
  • 3) Rabia : What about going for a walk ?
    Zeynep:: __________________
    Rabia : OK. Maybe next time.

    A) Sure,where are we going?
    B) Certainly, I am bored at home.
    C) I’m sorry but I am really tired.
    D) Yes, why not?
  • 4) Salih : Are you busy next Saturday?
    Mustafa: - - - - .
    Salih : How about going to the cinema then?
    Mustafa : Yeah, that would be great.

    A) No, not at all
    B) Yes, I have my music course
    C) Yes, I’ll go to my cousin
    D) I think, I’ll help my father
  • 5) Hacer : ______________?
    Emine: I am sorry but I can’t because I have an important meeting.

    A) What do you think about the new exhibition
    B) Why don’t we go to Balıklıgöl
    C) Does your father let you go to the concerts
    D) Do you like visiting science museums
  • 6) -Nura : Hello, Nura is speaking. Can I speak to Rahime please?
    Zekiye: Hi, Nura. I am sorry, - - - - Would you like to leave a message?
    Nuriye : No, thanks. I’ll call back later.

    A) She is not available at the moment.
    B) can you hold on a moment?
    C) one moment, please!
    D) could you please repeat that?
  • 7) Hasan : - - - -
    Hedle : I usually boil it. I sometimes fry it,too.

    A) When do you make a cake?
    B) Do you usually cook a chicken?
    C) How do you cook egg?
    D) Do you cook tomato soup?
  • 8) Dear Abuzer
    I’m going to join a Diyarbakır tour next month.I really want to see there, you know.
    Would you like to come with me?
    I know you are also interested in Diyarbakır.The tour is really cheap.I hope you can come with me.
    Take care

    What is the letter about?

    A) a tour invitation
    B) a birthday party
    C) a pyjama party
    D ) a barbecue party
  • 9) Tarkan: How often do you…….music or movie?
    Sezen: I never copy music or movie into my computer.

    A) register
    B) download
    C) confirm
    D) upload
  • 10) . Keziban: My father accesses to the Internet and buys the thing he needs online.
    A) download a movies
    B) practing English
    C) doing online shopping
    D) playing online games
  • 11) Ben:……………..?
    Erdem: I play online games.
    Songül: I send text messages and listen music
    Şeyma: I search for information for my mother.

    A) How many hours a day do you use the Net
    B) Who spends much time on the Net.
    C) What do you usually do on the Internet
    D) How often do you do homework on the Net
  • 12) If you send a e-mail, you are a ……….
    A) caller
    B) receiver
    C) listener
    D) sender
  • 13) 3. Terry: I have a problem with the internet.
    Joe: What’s the problem?
    Terry: …………………………………….

    a) I can’t connect to the internet.
    b) Internet connection is fast here.
    c) My laptop is very expensive.
    d) I play my favourite online games.
  • 14) Tina: Good morning ……………………… Please.?
    Bruce: Certainly. May I ask
    Tina: This is Tina Rogers calling.

    a) Where is Mr. Rogers?
    b) Who is calling please?
    c) May I speak to Mrs. Brown?
    d) Would you like to leave a message?
  • 15) Sonia : _______________________?
    Katrina : I go home and rest for a while.

    a) What time do you go home
    b) When do you go home
    c) What do you do after school
    d) Why don’t you go home
  • 16) Friendship is very important in our lives and friendship is one mind in two bodies.___________________
    a) A true friend always backs his friend up.
    b) They don’t get on well with each other.
    c) They don’t count on with each other.
    d) Good friends tell lies each other.
  • 17) Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends ?
    Taylor : - - - - .

    A) I usually send text messages
    B) I usually go home after school
    C) My mother always calls me
    D) My sister broke my phone
  • 18) A: .........................................?
    B: It is a traditional Turkish dessert.

    a)What is your favourite food?
    b)How often do you eat dessert?
    c)Do you like yoghurt”?
    d)What is “baklava”?
  • 19) My ............. is broken.I mean,it doesn’t work and I can’t type without it.
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