• 1) I don’t like technological devices and I prefer
    - - - - communication with my friends.

    A) face-to-face
    B) e-mail
    C) mobile phone
    D) social network
  • 2) Yasemin is my true friend in the class. She - - - - .
    A) always tells me a lie
    B) is like a science teacher
    C) always backs me up
    D) never encourages me
  • 3) '' CUL8R'' What is the long form of this abreviation?
    A) Lots of love
    B) Tonight
    C) Have a nice day
    D) See you later
  • 4) John : Are you busy next Saturday?
    Wilma : - - - - .
    John : How about going to the cinema then?
    Wilma : Yeah, that would be great.

    A) No, not at all
    B) Yes, I have my music course
    C) Yes, I’ll go to my cousin
    D) I think, I’ll help my father
  • 5) If your friend calls you, he/she is - - - - .
    A) receiver
    B) caller
    C) note
    D) sender
  • 6) Recep : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends ?
    Halit: - - - -

    A) I usually send text messages
    B) I usually watch tv after school
    C) My mother always calls me
    D) I usually play soccer
  • 7) Erdem: …………….?
    Aysel: Never. I prefer face-to-face interaction.

    A) When do you go out with your friends
    B) What are its technical specifications
    C) What kind of films do you watch
    D) How often do you chat online
  • 8) Hasan: Are you doing anything an Sunday?
    Ramazan: Yes, ……………

    A) I’m good at riding motorcycles.
    B) we are going to meet my cousin
    C) I really like cartoons.
    D) we are getting on well with my brother.
  • 9) Hasan: How can make a cake?
    Şeyma: ………., crack two eggs into a bowl. I’m sorry but I need to go now.
    Hasan: Hey, wait a minute. I’ll write the…….

    A) First/menu
    B) First/recipe
    C) Next/ingredients
    D) Next/meal
  • 10) Adil: Can I speak to Alperen?
    Raşit: ………….
    Adil: Adil Akbaş
    Raşit: Ok. I’m putting you through now.

    A) Could I ask who’s calling, please?
    B) Can you hold on a moment, please?
    C) He is not availableright now.
    D) He does not want to you now, wait a moment
  • 11) Ertuğrul: Halime, what do you think about pizza? I made it for you.
    Halime: …………..

    A) Well, you can boil it now.
    B) No, it is not necessary. Is is good.
    C) Hmm, It look delicious.
    D) Yes, you can but first you must cut it
  • 12) Mehmet:……………………………………?
    Selda : Two hours a day.

    a) Do you like chatting online?
    b) How long do you spend on the internet?
    c) What does www mean?
    d) How many email addresses have you got?
  • 13) Tina: Good morning Please.?
    Bruce: Certainly. May I ask ………… ……………
    Tina: This is Tina Rogers calling.

    a) who is calling, please
    b) this is Mrs. Brown calling
    c) speaking
    d) she is’nt available.
  • 14) You can count on a good friend because he / she always……………………
    a) Refuses your invitation.
    b) Keeps your secrets.
    c) Tells lies.
    d) Tells your secrets to other people.
  • 15) Eren : Do you have any plans on Sunday afternoon?
    Bella : ………………………….
    Eren : We are going to the theatre. Do you want to join us?

    a) No,I have no plan .Why do you ask?
    b) Yeah,I have so many things to do.
    c) I don’t understand you.Could you repeat?
    d) It is not your business but I have a plan.
  • 16) Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with yourfriends ?
    Taylor :……..……………….

    a)I usually send text messages
    b)I usually go home after school
    c)My mother always calls me
    d)I usually play soccer
  • 17) Kate : Do you prefer jazz or rap music?
    Bruce : I only listen to rap music.
    Kate : What do you think about jazz?
    Bruce : _____________

    a) It is terrible
    b) It’s the best
    c) It’s my favourite
    d) It is awesome
  • 18) Clara : __________ ?
    David:Hımm, approximately five hundred.
    Clara : Are you serious ? Do you really spend so much time on your mobile phone?

    a) How many books do you read in a month
    b) How many students are there in your school
    c) How many text messages do you usually send a day
    d) How many friends do you have in your school band
  • 19) Emma : - - - -?
    Mother : You can come with me to the kitchen and try something to cook.

    A) I am bored what can I do
    B) Which is your best movie
    C) Can I eat everthing here
    D) Which snack do you want to eat
  • 20) Fill in the blanks with the correct descriptions given
    invite/accept /refuse sympathy/explanation

    1)What a pity. ........
    2)I hope you’ll come to my party. ........
    3)That sounds great. ........
    4) I mean there is no connection ..............
    5)Thanks,but I don’t like parties. ........
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