• 1) I use the internet _____________ practice English
    A) for
    B) but
    C) because
    D) in order to
  • 2) She is a very beautiful girl................
    she couldn't win the beauty contest.

    A) however
    B) so
    C) and
    D) because
  • 3) Dilek: I really………….Beritan. She always tells the truth.
    a) have something in common
    b) back up
    c) get on well with
    d) count on
  • 4) Karabulut : What do you think about snowstubing?
    İskender : ____________I don’t like it.

    A) It is boring
    B) I prefer it
    C) It is funny
    D) It is very exciting
  • 5) Gülsüm : - - - - ?
    Zeynep : I am sorry but I can’t because I have an
    important meeting.

    A)What do you think about the new exhibition
    B)Would you like to go to the exhibition
    C)Does your father let you go to the concerts
    D)Do you like visiting science museums
  • 6) Hanse : Shall we watch Kırgın Çicekler this evening?
    Hilal : - - - -
    Hanse: Ok, I will watch it alone

    A)Sorry,I must sleep, I am so tired.
    BYeah,I would love to.
    C)I don’t understand you.Could you repeat?
    D)Great idea!
  • 7) Last week, we tried a new restaurant again. There were some special dishes. For instance, “Beshbarmak”. It’s natural Turkmenistan dish and Turkmen people eat the dish with their hands. It was tasty and they put some onion sauce on it.
    My father liked it but my mother and my brother didn’t like it much.

    Beshbarmak is - - - - .

    A) a sports activity
    B) a natural Turkmenistan dish
    C) a delicious tomato sauce
    D) a popular English meal
  • 8) İbrahim doesn’t use any cables to connect to the Internet because he has a- - - - .
    A)wireless modem
    B)system unit
  • 9) Muharrem:There is something wrong the internet
    Muharrem:I don’t know exactly but I cant see connection sign on my screen

    A)When did you buy your Net
    B)Who broke your computer
    C)Where is your computer
    D)What’s the problem?
  • 10) Dear Abuzer
    I’m going to join a Diyarbakır tour next month.I really want to see there, you know.
    Would you like to come with me?
    I know you are also interested in Diyarbakır.The tour is really cheap.I hope you can come with me.
    Take care

    According to the e-mail,- - - -

    A) the tour is expensive
    B) Mıstık is the sender
    C) Abuzer can’t join the tour
    D ) Diyarbakır is really cold
  • 11) …………….is to copy somrthing from internet to computers memory
    D)log off
  • 12) Adil: There is aproblem im my ……., so I can’t connect to the Internet. Life is very boring for me.
    A) printer
    B) modem
    C) keybord
    D) headphones
  • 13) Fatmagül: How should we cook the vegetables?
    Aysel: You …………….

    A) should steam them
    B) must wash them
    C) must serve them immediately
    D) should have all ingredients.
  • 14) Mustafa: My favourite music type is rock music. I go to concerts in my spare time but I can’t stand arabesk music. I think it is terrible

    Yukarda verilen bilgilere göre Mustafa hankkında ne söylenebilir?

    A) He like arabesk.
    B) He prefers rock concerts in his free time.
    C) He dislike pop music.
    D) He always goes to concert
  • 15) Match the words with Turkish meaning.

    __1) Domesticated a) Nesli tükenmiş
    __2) Endangered b) Ormanların yok edilmesi
    __3) Extinct c) Aşırı avlanma
    __4) Overhunting d) Evcilleştirilmiş
    __5) Deforestation e) Nesli tehlikede
  • 16) Fill in the blanks. (Boşlukları kutudaki kelimelerle doldurunuz.)

    habitat / basketball / carnivore / mammal / dodo / herbivore / reptile / zebra / graduated / cycling / outdoor / wings

    1- Lizard is a _____________.
    2- ___________ is an individual sport.
    3- ___________ is an team sport.
    4- He _______________ from school in1985.
    5- Wolf is an ________________ animal.
    6- _____________ is an extincted big bird.

    7- Birds have got two _______________.
    8- Asia Forests are Pandas’ _____________.
    9- Cow is a ________________ animal.
    10- Skiing is an _______________ sport.
    11- ____________ is called “horse in pyjamas”.
    12- Elephant is a _______________.
  • 17) Adam : Do you have any plans for Friday night?
    Brain : Well, yes. My grandfather is in hospital. I’ll be there.
    Adam : - - - - . I hope he will get well soon.

    A) Ohh .It is very nice
    B) Huh! It is so bad
    C) I’m happy to hear that
    D) Your grandfather is in
  • 18) Linda : Mom, what do you think about the pizza? I made it for you.
    Mother : - - - - .

    A) Hımm. It’s delicious
    B) It’s your turn, play please
    C) Yes, I did it for you
    D) WelI. No, it isn’t necessary
  • 19) Read the text and answer the questions.

    Kabsa is a tasty rice and meat dish from Saudi Arabia.People use a lot of spices in it and it makes Kabsa delicious.The main ingrident is the meat such as chicken,lamb and beef.You can also add some almonds,nuts on it.Kabsa is served with some salad or yoghurt with it.

    1.Which country does Kabsa belongs to?

    2.What are the ingridents?

    3.What is Kabsa served with?

  • 20) .If you .................your password with a stranger,he/she can do anything illegal using your identity.
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