• 1) Jack : Hello, is Harris in at the moment ? I have to speak to him urgently.
    Mrs. Ferris : I recognize you, Jack. I’m sorry,he is - - - - . He’s taking a shower
    right now.
    Jack : OK, Ma’am. Could you ask him to call me back soon, please?
    Mrs. Ferris : Sure.

    A) not avaliable
    B) waiting for you
    C) not in his room
    D) calling you back
  • 2) Yasin : _________________?
    Lokman : Never.

    A) How often do you chat online
    B) How do you do your homework
    C) When will you see your new classmate
    D)What time will you meet your friend tomorrow
  • 3) Last week, we tried a new restaurant again. There were some special dishes. For instance, “Beshbarmak”. It’s natural Turkmenistan dish and Turkmen people eat the dish with their hands. It was tasty and they put some onion sauce on it.
    My father liked it but my mother and my brother didn’t like it much.

    Furkan tried Beshparmak with - - - - .

    A) his father, mother and sister
    B) his friends
    C) his aunt and uncle
    D) alone
  • 4) If you spend too much time on the Internet, you can be an Internet - - - -
  • 5) Eymen : Hello, Eymen speaking.. How is it going?
    Abdülselam : Everything is OK, thanks.What about you?
    Eymen: I am trying to connect to the Internet on my tablet but I can’t. ____________?
    Abdülselam Of course. I’ll be there in ten minutes.

    A) Who found the problem
    B) Can you come and help me
    C)Can you tell me your problem
    D)Who can use the Internet best
  • 6) Mustafa: What can we do on internet?
    Raşit: We can …. on the internet.

    Boşluğa ne gelemez?

    A) do shopping
    B) make live chats
    C) listen to music
    D) feed a dog
  • 7) Songül: My friend spends five or six hours a day on the internet. He is a real internet …………
    A) connection
    B) student
    C) addict
    D) invitation
  • 8) Şeyma: It is portable so we can carry it easily. We use it to store our data or files. What is it?
    A) Flash disk
    B) mouse
    C) headphone
    D) webcam
  • 9) Keziban: ……….?
    Aysel: You can come with me to the kitchen and try something to cook.

    A) I am bored, what can I do
    B) Which snack do you want to eat
    C) Can I eat everyhinh here
    D) Which is ypur best meal
  • 10) Teacher:………………………………….
    Ali: To communicate with friends.

    a) How often do you use the internet?
    b) How do you download music files?
    c) Why do you use the internet?
    d) What do you do to upload an image?
  • 11) Steve : How about eating pizza at lunch?
    Morgan: No , ……………………

    a) I’m full thanks.
    b) Sure. It smells wonderful.
    c) I’d like to eat some.
    d) Okay,ı’ m really hungry.
  • 12) Aslı :…………………………
    Dora : 3 cups of flour, some warm water, 1 packet of dry yeast and some salt.

    a) Do you prefer cooking pizza?
    b) What do you need to make a bread?
    c) Do you like eating bread?
    d) Do you know how to make a pizza?
    1- We ________________ protect wild animals.
    2- We ________________ plant trees.
    3- We _________________ buy furs.
    4- We __________________ feed wild animals.
    5- We __________________ hunt wild animals.
    6- We __________________ cut trees.
  • 14) Danny : Hello, Danny is speaking.
    Mike : Hi, Danny, it is David. Is your brother in?
    Danny : - - - - , please.

    A) Contact in a minute
    B) Wait a minute
    C) Speak in a minute
    D) Talk in a minute
  • 15) Candy : Hello, Candy is speaking.
    Aslı : Hi Candy, it is Aslı, I want to speak with Brain.
    Candy : I am afraid he left the office an hour ago. - - - -
    Aslı : Could you tell him to contact me. He has my phone number.

    A) You are his close friend, aren’t you?
    B) Would you like to leave a message?
    C) Would you like to come?
    D) You disturb me now. I am busy.
  • 16) Zuhal : Can I speak to Feyza, please?
    Penny : - - - -
    Zuhal : Zuhal Aktaş.
    Penny : Ok. I am putting you through now.

    A) Could I ask who’s calling, please?
    B) Can you hold on a moment,please?
    C) She isn’t available right now.
    D) She doesn’t want to speak with you.
  • 17) Linda : - - - - ?
    Kevin : No, I don’t. I prefer making a phone call or sending a text message.

    A) Do you usually send e-mails to your friends
    B) What do you do in the evenings
    C) Do you have a mobile phone
    D) Would you like to buy a smart phone
  • 18) Match the verbs and phrases correctly.
    1.Leave a.an email
    2.Make b.face to face
    3.Send c.a message note
    4.Speak d.social network
    5.Use e.a phone call
  • 19) A:What is that noise?I cant hear you.
    B: I think .................................

    a)It is a bad line
    b)that would be great
    c)he isnt in now
    d)I will get him
  • 20) .A:................................. ?
    B: Cabbage,orzo and meat.

    a)What is your favourite dish?
    b)What is in the dish?
    c)How often do you eat meat?
    d)What is the process?
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