...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 5. SINIF İngilizce DERSİ 1. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

Ad-Soyad:....................... No:........
  • 1) I ............. my teeth after breakfast.
    c) brush
    d) watch
    Cevap: C

  • 2) “True” or “False” Doğrulara ‘true’ ; yanlışlara ‘false’ işaretleyin.

    My name is Peter. I’m fourteen years old. I’m from the U.S.A. I’m a student. My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I’m good at Arts. I draw pictures. My best friend is Tom. He is from England. We are in the same class. Tom is good at Music and he plays guitar.

    1. Peter is 14 years old. - True - False
    2. Peter is an English. - True - False
    3.Peter draws pictures. - True - False
    4. Tom is from the U.S.A. - True - False
    5. Tom plays guitar. - True - False

  • 3) Ülke ve millet adlarını eşleştiriniz.
    2) Spain
    3) France
    4) Germany
    5) Italy
    6) England


  • 4) Underline or circle the correct choice
    A. I come - comes from the United States of America.
    B. She don’t - doesn’t like eating at fast food restaurants.
    C. We don’t - doesn’t have soup for breakfast.
    D. Tuna want - wants to be a pilot and she like - likes flying.

  • 5) Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi yanlıştır?
    A) read – a book 
    B) play – a picture 
    C) take – photos 
    D) play – marbles
    Cevap: B

  • 6) Look at the chart.Then, write the children's names under the pictures and answer the questions.
    I don't like sports.
    I like numbers and solving problems.
    I don't like numbers.
    I like playing the violin and singing songs.

    I like playing basketball.
    I don't like singing.

    4- What is John's favorite school subject?
    5- What is Jack's favorite school subject?
    6- What is James' favorite school subject?

  • 7) Hello! My name is Alfred. I am 13 years old. I am from Germany and I am German. I am speaking English and German. My favorite lessons are Music and P.E.
    Favourite lessons

  • 8) Circle the correct word.
    1. İmranlı is a country / city.
    2. Sophie arrives at school on / at ten past eight in the morning.
    3. Yuka can speak Japanese / Japan.
    4. My Maths class is in / on Monday and Wednesday.
    5. I can't find my timetable / language. What classes do we have tomorrow?
    6. "American" is a language / nationality.
    7. Kate have / has breakfast every morning.
    8. Tülin and Tülay don't / doesn't like board games.

  • 9) Jerry has the flu. What should he do? 
    A) He should take Vitamin C. 
    B) He should go out. 
    C) He should drink cold drinks. 
    D) He should watch TV for a long time.
    Cevap: A

  • 10) London is the capital city of …………………………………… .
    a) England
    b) Italy
    c) Japan
    d) China
    Cevap: A

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