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...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 8. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


    What do you think about different types of music?

    Write two important inventors and their inventions:

  • 2) Ceyda: I’m very excited. It’s my first visit to the zoo.
    Mother: Have you taken your camera?
    Ceyda: Yes, mum. I will take lots of photos there.
    Mother: But you should be careful. ----

    A) Your camera is really nice.
    B) You must go abroad to learn speaking
    C)I have trouble with English.
    D) You shouldn’t frighten the animals
    Cevap: D
  • 3) Fill in the blanks with “so that” or “in case”
    1. I’m not spending my whole money which I earned ………….. I need it.
    2. I read English articles ………… I can memorize many words.
    3. I always come home early in the evenings ………….. my parents worried about me.
    4. My parents struggle with my social life ………….. I have a good future.
    5. Susan works hard all day long …………. he can get free time too much more.
    6. I want to go to England …………… I will learn English better.
    7. Don’t eat chips too much ………….. you become fat.
    8. Sit in front of the class ………….. you can listen to the teacher carefully.
  • 4) She did not study her exam ……… she was tired.
    a) and
    c)so that
    Cevap: D
  • 5) Serkan hasn’t written a letter ___September.
    a) for
    b) yet
    c) since
    Cevap: C
  • 6) I like listening activities.She usually sits at the front of the classroom to hear the teacher well
    I can play volleyball and dance
    Yukarıdaki kişilerin zeka türü hangisidir?

    a) Kinaesthetic -- auditory
    b) Auditory- Kinaesthetic
    c) Verbal --- Kinaesthetic
    d) Kinaesthetic - Visual
    Cevap: C
  • 7) I should study _______ I can get 100.
    A) so that
    B) in case
    C) is
    D) am
    Cevap: A
  • 8) My ………… is that I always tell lies.
    Cevap: B
  • 9) Boşlukları “so that” ya da “in case” kullanarak doldurunuz.
    1. I will go to England this summer __________________ I can learn English.
    2. Use suncream ____________________ you get sunburnt.
    3. She will set the alarm clock ___________________ she can get up early.
    4. I came home early __________________ I could help my mother with the dinner.
    5. Drive carefully ________________ you have an accident.
    6. Take your umbrella __________ ________ it rains.
  • 10)

    Cevap: C
  • 11) Wear your sunglasses _______________
    a) in case it rains.
    b) because he tells a lie.
    c) in case it is sunny.
    d) but don’t make noise.
    Cevap: C
  • 12) Sude : Have you ever eaten “katmer”?
    Pelin : No, - - - -

    A) I’ve just eaten “katmer.”
    B) I think it is delicious.
    C) I ate it two years ago.
    D) I have never eaten it.
    Cevap: D
  • 13) Mehmet Öz is a cardiac surgeon and an author. He is Turkish - American. He was born in Ohio, USA in 1960. He graduated from Harvard University in 1982. He became a doctor of medicine in 1986. He got his doctorate degree in the same year. He became a professor in 1995. He performs over 250 operations annually. He also has over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books. He has a lot of awards.

    He got his doctorate degree in - - - - .

    A) 1995
    B) 1986
    C) 1982
    D) 1960
    Cevap: B
  • 14) İpek:-----------------------------------?
    Ezgi:To get from one place to the other as fast as possible.

    A) What is the aim of parkour running
    B) How did you start parkour running
    C) Is it difficult to do parkour running
    D) How often do you do parkour running
    Cevap: A
  • 15) Umut :Why do you think we should share the chores at home?
    Batuhan:Because--------------------- .

    A) we must share the responsibilities and respect each other
    B) sharing the housework make our lives unbearable
    C) only the mothers should do the chores
    D) parents can do everything for us
    Cevap: A
    Landslide – avalanche – tsunami – drought - earthquake

    ____________: a sudden violent movement of the Earth’s surface, sometimes causing great damage.
    ____________: a large amount of ice, snow, and rock falling quickly down the side of a mountain.
    ____________: a long period when there is little or no rain.
    ____________: a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope.
    ____________: an extremely large wave caused by a violent movement of the Earth under the sea.
  • 17) Ben: Do you need help with your project?
    Jill  : ………. I finished it at the library last week.

    A) Thanks for asking.      
    B) Yes, please.
    C) Maybe.         
    D) Of course.
    Cevap: A
  • 18) Verilen mektuba göre aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenemez?

    Dear John and Ann,

    Thanks a lot for the great weekend. We really enjoyed ourselves. Bill and I were talking about a camp in Scotland for a week. Are you interested? Let me know if you want to join us, and we can talk about the details.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    P.S.:Did I leave a pair of jeans behind in the bedroom? If so, could you send them back?

    A-They don't want to see eachother again.
    B-They had a great weekend together.
    C) Bill and Alice plan to go camping.
    D) The letter has a small note.
  • 19) Who is ….. for doing the laundry in your family?
    a. excited
    b. responsible
    d) organised
    Cevap: D
  • 20) Benjamin Franklin ………. the electricity
    a. discovered
    b. designed
    c. invented
    d. built
    Cevap: A
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