...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 8. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


    What type of vacation do you prefer? Why?

    What does “extreme sport” mean?

  • 2) Fill in the blanks with “so that” or “in case”
    1. I’m not spending my whole money which I earned ………….. I need it.
    2. I read English articles ………… I can memorize many words.
    3. I always come home early in the evenings ………….. my parents worried about me.
    4. My parents struggle with my social life ………….. I have a good future.
    5. Susan works hard all day long …………. he can get free time too much more.
    6. I want to go to England …………… I will learn English better.
    7. Don’t eat chips too much ………….. you become fat.
    8. Sit in front of the class ………….. you can listen to the teacher carefully.
  • 3) Kaan is rich. Kaan can buy a new car.
    a-) He is enough rich to buy a new car.
    b-) He is rich enough to buy a new car.
    c-) He isn’t rich enough to buy a new car.
    d-) He isn’t enough rich to buy a new car.
    Cevap: A
  • 4) I like listening activities.She usually sits at the front of the classroom to hear the teacher well
    I can play volleyball and dance
    Yukarıdaki kişilerin zeka türü hangisidir?

    a) Kinaesthetic -- auditory
    b) Auditory- Kinaesthetic
    c) Verbal --- Kinaesthetic
    d) Kinaesthetic - Visual
    Cevap: C
  • 5) I should study _______ I can get 100.
    A) so that
    B) in case
    C) is
    D) am
    Cevap: A
  • 6) Write True (T) or False (F).
    …. 1. Education is one of the areas we can consider when setting our personal goals.
    ……. 2. Decisiveness is a weakness but indecisiveness is a strength.
    ……. 3. Being a good speaker is a strength unless we talk too much.
    ……. 4. A good language learner is bad at both communication and accuracy.
    ……. 5. We shouldn’t take precautions so that we can prevent global warming.
    ……. 6. We should reuse and recycle paper,glass and plastic.
    ……. 7. We shouldn’t focus on our weaknesses and ignore our strengths because this causes failure.
    ……. 8. We should use environmentally friendly products to reduce pollution.
    ……. 9. Speaking and writing are receptive skills.
    …… 10.We can also say “reception” for “input “ and “production” for “output”.
  • 7) It was ….. a hot day …... we didn’t go anywhere.
    A) so / that
    B) such / that
    C) enough / that
    D) too / that
    Cevap: B
  • 8) A: Is your sister talkative?
    B: Yes, she is. She __________

    a) likes talking very much.
    b) thinks about other peoople’s needs.
    c) doesn’t like speaking to other people.
    d) doesn’t care about herself
    Cevap: A
  • 9) Sude : Have you ever eaten “katmer”?
    Pelin : No, - - - -

    A) I’ve just eaten “katmer.”
    B) I think it is delicious.
    C) I ate it two years ago.
    D) I have never eaten it.
    Cevap: D
    DNA – electric – America – aircraft – telephone – gravity – telescope –aspirin – bulb – car




    DNA Computer DNA stores genetic information in the organisms. What makes DNA special is that it stores
    unlimited information in a limited space. Just one milligram of DNA is capable of storing all the printed material in the
    world. Nowadays, science people are working on DNA computing. They have even designed the first prototypes
    such as MAYA-II. If DNA computing is perfected, computers will become capable of storing amounts of information that
    are hard to imagine by today’s standard.
    Nanomedicine The usage of nanotechnology in medicine is endless. Science people are working on nanomolecules to
    destroy only cancer cells. It makes possible to send the drugs to specific parts of the body. With the help of nanotechnology, microscopic robots will perform ultra-delicate surgeries, repair damaged tissues, or hunt down and destroy certain cells, like cancer cells or bacteria. Nanomedicine is currently in its infancy, but it may be the biggest breakthrough in modern medicine since the first vaccine.


    1) DNA can store all printed materials in the World.___
    2) There is no prototype of DNA.___
    3) DNA is special because it can store limited information in unlimited space.___
    4) Nanomedicine will help to destroy cancer.___
    5) Scientist are still trying to develop nanomedicine.___
  • 12) Aşağıdaki olayları anlam akışına göre sıraya sokunuz.
    I- But, there was nobody at the door.
    II- Yesterday, Linda was alone at home.
    III- She ran downstairs to answer it.
    IV- When she turned around, a man with a knife in his hand was standing right in front of her.
    V- She was cleaning the bathroom when the doorbell rang.

    A) V-II-III-IV-I
    B) II-V-III-I-IV
    C) III-V-II-IV-I
    D) V-II-IV-I-III
  • 13) Verilen mektuba göre aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenemez?

    Dear John and Ann,

    Thanks a lot for the great weekend. We really enjoyed ourselves. Bill and I were talking about a camp in Scotland for a week. Are you interested? Let me know if you want to join us, and we can talk about the details.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    P.S.:Did I leave a pair of jeans behind in the bedroom? If so, could you send them back?

    A-They don't want to see eachother again.
    B-They had a great weekend together.
    C) Bill and Alice plan to go camping.
    D) The letter has a small note.
  • 14) Nick : - - - - ?
    Cathy : Yes, I am. Because I am a student at the Faculty Of Medicine.

    A) Do you know any genetic engineer?
    B) What were scientific achievements?
    C) Are you interested in nanomedicine?
    D) Are you studying on hidden universe?
    Cevap: C
  • 15) I always ________my photos to my social media account.
    a) upload
    b) download
    c) log in
    d) log off
    Cevap: A
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