...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 8. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


  • 1) Comb and shampoo are ______ care products but nail clipper is a _______ care products.
    A) body /skin
    B) hair/skin
    C) hand/hair
    D) hair /hand
    Cevap: D
  • 2) ………. it is too heavy, I can’t lift it
    b) So that
    d) As
    Cevap: B
  • 3) A: Have you …… eaten mushroom?
    B: No, I have …….. eaten it.

    A) just --- never
    C) ever--- never
    D) never--ever
    Cevap: C
  • 4) Ceyda : Who is your best friend?
    Nisa : Pelin, - - - -

    A) and we don’t trust her.
    B) as we can’t spend good time.
    C) because she is very friendly.
    D) so that she will help me.
    Cevap: C
  • 5) Teacher : What is your ambition?
    Tarık : I want to be a doctor.
    Teacher : Why?
    Tarık : - - - -

    A) Because I love helping people.
    B) After I graduate from university.
    C) If I meet a doctor yesterday.
    D) While I had a terrible headache.
    Cevap: A
  • 6) A:....................................?
    B: I think, he’s a mathematician and an astronomer.

    a) What do you know about Ali Kuşçu?
    b) When was the invention of the first battery?
    c) Who discovered the structure of DNA?
    d) Who made researches on chemistry?
    Cevap: A
  • 7) A: Why do many tourists come to Antalya every year?
    B: It’s a historic city. It also has ....... .

    a) a lot of sandy beaches.
    b) tall apartment buildings.
    c) not so much water sports activities.
    d) some shopping malls.
    Cevap: A
  • 8) ------------- souvenirs
    --------------the local food
    --------------economy class

    A) buy – go – try - fly
    B) watch – listen – do - make
    C) try – go – make - send
    D) send – make – do - taste
    Cevap: A
  • 9) (I) I am crazy about cycling in my free time. It’s very good for health. (II) It makes your legs stronger. (III) I always go cycling with my brother or my friends. They all like cycling, too. (IV) We usually do our homework at weekends.

    Anlam akışını bozan seçenek hangisidir?

    A) I
    B) II
    C) III
    D) IV
    Cevap: D
  • 10) İpek:-----------------------------------?
    Ezgi:To get from one place to the other as fast as possible.

    A) What is the aim of parkour running
    B) How did you start parkour running
    C) Is it difficult to do parkour running
    D) How often do you do parkour running
    Cevap: A
  • 11) My weakness is that__________.
    Cümlesini hangisi tamamlayabilir?

    A) I’m always friendly
    B) I’m always responsible
    C) I’m sometimes dishonest
    D) I’m hardworking
    Cevap: C
  • 12) Canan has got kineasthetic intelligence. So, she likes .................. .
    A) taking photos
    B) solving puzzles
    C) listening to music
    D) doing sports
    Cevap: D
  • 13) (I) In our house, everybody has some responsibilities. (II) My sister says that she isn’t always very happy in her school. (III) My brother sweeps the leaves in the garden.
    (IV) I am responsible for setting the table.
    Yukarıdaki parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi işaretleyiniz.

    A) I
    B) II
    C) III
    D) IV
    Cevap: B
  • 14) “Ayşe is very popular in her class. She can easily make friends and she enjoys spending time with them.“ Ayşe için aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenebilir?
    A) hardworking
    B) sociable
    C) silent
    D) generous
    Cevap: B
  • 15) A: Did you see the …..in the sky?
    B: Yes, I did. It made the night look like the day.

    a. hurricane
    b. landslide
    c. lightening
    d. blizzard
    Cevap: C
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