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...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 8. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


  • 1) I..........football when I was 7 years old
    a) can’t play
    b) couldn’t play
    c) could play
    d) couldn’t playi
    Cevap: B
  • 2) Taner: Do you know, what is your star sign?
    Kadir : Yeah, it is Lion.
    Taner: Really? So, you are too insensitive and messy, aren’t you?
    Kadir : _____. Everybody says that I am so tidy and sensible.

    A) I agree with you
    B) That’s great
    C) You are right
    D) That’ wrong
    Cevap: D
  • 3) My brother is very ____________ . He always makes friends easily.
    a) shy
    b) unlucky
    c) friendly
    d) generous
    Cevap: C
  • 4) Bora : I can help you with the washing up.
    Öykü : Thanks, dear.
    Bora : - - - -

    A) Nice to meet you.
    B) You’re welcome.
    C) What a nice day!
    D) I’m sorry about it.
    Cevap: B
  • 5) Mehmet Öz is a cardiac surgeon and an author. He is Turkish - American. He was born in Ohio, USA in 1960. He graduated from Harvard University in 1982. He became a doctor of medicine in 1986. He got his doctorate degree in the same year. He became a professor in 1995. He performs over 250 operations annually. He also has over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books. He has a lot of awards.

    Which one is false?

    A) He graduated from Ohio University.
    B) He has many original publications.
    C) He is a specialist in heart surgery.
    D) He wasn’t born in Turkey.
    Cevap: D
  • 6) Trabzon is the one of the famous cities in Turkey. It’s along the Black Sea coast in the Northeastern Anatolia. Climate is mild in winters and summers. Uzun Çarşı, Atatürk Köşkü, Ayasofya, Uzun Göl and Sümela Manastırı are popular touristic attractions. Trabzon has a very rich cuisine. Hamsi Pilavı, Kuymak, Mıhlama are some of them. You can find lots of accommodation in Trabzon. There are many hotels and pensions. Transportation is easy. There is an airport in the city. Spring and summer months are more convenient to visit.

    Trabzon…………………… .

    A) is also a great place for recreation
    B) has a lot of famous dishes
    C) doesn’t have any hotels
    D) is snowy in winter
    Cevap: B
  • 7) Julia : ----------------------?
    Anna: Of course. My father.
    Julia: Really? Why doesn’t your mum cook?
    Anna: Because my father is a famous cook at
    an Italian restaurant.
    Julia: Oh, I see.

    A) Who does the cooking in your family
    B) Did you learn to cook when you were a child
    C) What recipes does your father usually do
    D) Have you ever tried recipes
    Cevap: A
  • 8) Seçeneklerden hangisi bir iletişim yolu değildir?
    A) Texting a message.
    B) Making a phone call.
    C) Speaking face to face.
    D) Going to technology stores.
    Cevap: D
  • 9) Arda:Hi Kaan. Arda speaking. I am sorry, I can’t come to your party because my mum is ill and I must take care of her.
    Kaan:Oh, Arda-----------------!

    A) I am really sorry to hear that
    B) Great news
    C) How amazing
    D) Congratulation
    Cevap: A
    Landslide – avalanche – tsunami – drought - earthquake

    ____________: a sudden violent movement of the Earth’s surface, sometimes causing great damage.
    ____________: a large amount of ice, snow, and rock falling quickly down the side of a mountain.
    ____________: a long period when there is little or no rain.
    ____________: a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope.
    ____________: an extremely large wave caused by a violent movement of the Earth under the sea.

    DNA Computer DNA stores genetic information in the organisms. What makes DNA special is that it stores
    unlimited information in a limited space. Just one milligram of DNA is capable of storing all the printed material in the
    world. Nowadays, science people are working on DNA computing. They have even designed the first prototypes
    such as MAYA-II. If DNA computing is perfected, computers will become capable of storing amounts of information that
    are hard to imagine by today’s standard.
    Nanomedicine The usage of nanotechnology in medicine is endless. Science people are working on nanomolecules to
    destroy only cancer cells. It makes possible to send the drugs to specific parts of the body. With the help of nanotechnology, microscopic robots will perform ultra-delicate surgeries, repair damaged tissues, or hunt down and destroy certain cells, like cancer cells or bacteria. Nanomedicine is currently in its infancy, but it may be the biggest breakthrough in modern medicine since the first vaccine.


    1) What makes DNA special?

    2) Why are science people working on nanomolecules?

    3) What will happen with the help of nanotechnology?

  • 12) Ece:What is your job?
    Defne: I’m an architect. I can draw house, hotel and building plans.
    Ece: Really? …………………………………?
    Defne: Since I graduated from the university.

    A) How many times have gone to university?
    B) How long have you been an architect?
    C) What do you want to be?
    D) Do you like your job?
    Cevap: B
  • 13) Sinem : Where were you on holiday?
    Asya : I was in Bursa.
    Sinem : What are some historical places of it?
    Asya : ………………………………. .

    a) Iskender and Kemalpaşa dessert
    b) Uludağ ski resort and hotels.
    c) Grand Mosque and Green Tomb
    d) Sandy beaches and comfortable hotels
    Cevap: C
  • 14) A: Where is your mum?
    B: She is in the kitchen. She is ……

    a. doing the ironing
    b. emptying the dishwasher
    c. walking the dog
    d. making the bed
    Cevap: B
  • 15) A: ………………………………………?
    B: He developed a powerful telescope and improved compass.

    a. What do you know about Galileo
    b. Who is the inventor of the telescope
    c. When did Galileo invent the compass
    d. What did Galileo discover in 1609
    Cevap: A
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