...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 7. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


  • 1) Jack: I’m thirsty.
    Simon: ………….. you drink some lemonade?

    a) Why don’t
    b) Let’s
    c) When
    d) How about
    Cevap: A

    Penguins are birds but they can’t fly.Penguins can swim and walk.They live mostly in the Southeastern Hemisphere.They usually live on islands.They also live in New Zealand, Australia, South America.The emperor penguin is the largest of all living penguins.A penguin has a large head, a short neck, a short tail and wings.They have got short legs.Penguins walk with short steps.They have shiny feathers on their skin.They eat krill, squid and fish.Their colour is black and white.All penguins look the same but male and female penguins can identify their chicks by their voice,because every penguin has got a different voice.

    All penguins look the same but male and female penguins can identify their chicks by their voice,because every penguin has got a different voice.

    1. Penguins live in the forest. ___________
    2. Penguins are birds. ___________
    3. Penguins have got wings. ___________
    4. Penguins can run fast. ___________
    5. Every penguin has got a different voice. ___________
  • 3) glass / must / recycle / we / paper / and
    Yukarıdaki cümleyi kurallı bir şekilde yazarsak hangi sık dogru olur?

    a) We recycle must paper and glass. 
    b) We paper and glass recycle must.
    c) We paper and glass must recycle.
    d) We must recycle paper and glass.
    Cevap: D
  • 4) I am studying in a big room.If you need a book , you can find here. Where am I?
    a. post Office
    b. Bakery
    c. library
    d. hospital
    Cevap: C
  • 5) An elephant is ………………. than a cow.
    a)more big
    c)more small
    Cevap: D
  • 6) My brother, Ayhan, is a very skillful athlete. He trains everyday because he wants to win a ……………… in the Olympics
    Cevap: C
  • 7) I usually drink tea at breakfast, but I …… coffee yesterday.
    a. drink
    b. drinks
    c. drank
    d. drinked
    Cevap: C
  • 8) Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen so we must …
    (cümleyi hangisi tamamlayamaz ?)

    a. plant trees
    b. protect rainforests
    c. cut down trees
    d. stop deforestation
    Cevap: C
  • 9) Match and make sentences using “must”. ( Cümleleri eşleştiriniz ve “must” kullanarak yazınız.”)
    a. You are at hospital
    b. You have an exam
    c. We are late fort he movie
    d. The pan is hot
    e. It is almost midnight

    (….) Go to bed.
    (….) Don’t touch it.
    (….) Study hard.
    (….) Be quick.
    (….) Be quiet.
  • 10) Make sentences. (Cümle oluşturunuz.)
    a. Rainforests/./we/protect/must. _______________________________________________
    b. Glass/must/recycle/we/paper/./and. ___________________________________________
    c. Showers/must/we/take/./shorter ______________________________________________
    d. Transportation/use/./we/must ________________________________________________
    e. children/./mustn’t/ play/ dangerous games ________________________
  • 11) I went to Spain on 10.08.2012
    A) ten of July, twenty twenty
    B) the tenth of July, twenty twelve
    C) the tenth of August, two thousand twelve
    D) the ten September, two thousand twenty
  • 12) Earth is 149,5million km far away from the Sun. Venus is 109 million km far away from the Sun.
    A) Earth is closer to the Sun than Venus.
    B) Venus is further to the Sun than Earth.
    C) Venus is the furthest of all.
    D) Earth is further to the Sun than Venus.
  • 13) Aşağıdaki cümlelerin hangisinde gelecekten bahsedilmektedir?
    A) I made a cake for my guests.
    B) They are playing tag in the garden.
    C) She speaks two languages.
    D) We will go on a picnic.
    Cevap: D
  • 14) It was cold_____I shut the window.
    She doesn’t like him_____he isn’t honest.
    We slept in our car_____the hotels were full.
    It was rainy_____I took a taxi.

    A) because-so-because-so
    B) so-because-so-because
    C) so-because-because-so
    D) because-because-so-so
    Cevap: C
  • 15) Unfortunately, you will have a difficult week.___________so you won’t go to work for a few days.
    A) You will have health problems
    B) You will hear some good news
    C) You will be very successful
    D) You will pass the exam
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