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...................... OKULU 2019-2020 EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI 6. SINIF İngilizce 2. DÖNEM 2. SINAV KAĞIDI

AD-SOYAD:....................................... NO:........


  • 1) It was around 4.30 There were only a few people in the bank. I sat on a bank with my little daughter. Suddenly I noticed two men with masks at the entrance.
    One of the robbers was tall and thin. He had blue jeans, a black leather jacket and brown boots. He had thick black hair and blue eyes. The other one was short and fat. He had brown trousers, a light brown coat and a red hat. And he had scary brown eyes.
    The tall man put the money in a black briefcase and the other man waited at the door. Then, they ran out of the bank quickly. I think they went away by a motorbike. I couldn't see it, but I heard the noise. I wanted to look where they went, but my daughter was scared. So, I had to stay with her.

    ______ 1- The bank was very crowded.
    ______ 2- I was with my brother in the bank.
    ______ 3- There were two robbers in the bank.
    ______ 4- One of the robbers was tall and thin and
    the other one was short and fat.
  • 2) Our football match is..... 4 p.m. ....Friday.
    A) at / on
    B) on / in
    C) on / at
    D) in / on
    Cevap: A
  • 3) Verilen Tarihleri İngilizce Karşılıkları İle Eşleştirelim.
    1. 18 Nisan 2011 : _________ a ) The twentieth of December , eighteen- eighty six
    2. 30 Ağustos 1922 : _________ b) The first of July , nineteen- eighty five
    3. 1 Temmuz 1985 : _________ c) The thirtieth of August , nineteen- twenty two
    4. 20 Aralık 1886 : _________ d) The eighteenth of April , two thousand and eleve
  • 4) Aşağıdakilerden hangisi düzenli fiildir?
    a) came
    b) bought
    c) studied
    d) wrote
    Cevap: C
  • 5) George broke his leg two weeks _________ .
    a) ago
    b) last
    c) yesterday
    d) today
    Cevap: A
  • 6) Mr. Brown: What is your job?
    Tim: I am a computer programmer.
    Mr. Brown: .................................
    Tim: in 2011.

    A)Where do youwork?
    B)When did you become a computer programmer?
    C)Do you like your job?
    D)Do you like working with computers?
    Cevap: B
  • 7) Aşağıdaki cümlede boşluğa gelecek uygun seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

    They……………. the exam tomorrow.

    A) are going to study
    B) is going to study
    C) am going to study
    D) am not
    Cevap: A
  • 8) A driver …………………… seat belt.
    A) mustn’t fasten
    B) can’t fasten
    C) must fasten
    D) doesn’t fasten
    Cevap: C
  • 9) There are 11 girls and 12 boys. 4 girls and 5 boys are absent (yok).
    How many students are there?

    A) 12
    B) 13
    C) 14
    D) 15
    Cevap: C
  • 10)

  • 11) Bruce ......... space. He wants to become an astronaut.
    A) hates
    B) is interested in
    C) dislike
    D) doesn’t like
    Cevap: B
  • 12) I like ............. when I’m on the beach.
    A) swimming
    B) learning ice-skating
    C) listening to the sound of the sea
    D) sunbathing
    Cevap: D
  • 13) Seçeneklerden hangisi bu sorunun cevabı olamaz?
    How does a detective find and catch the criminals?

    A) watches the security camera records
    B) steals valuable jewelleries
    C) questions the witnesses
    D) takes fingerprints and footprints
    Cevap: B
  • 14) Officer: Hello! Officer Nick is speaking.
    Mary : Hello! I need your help. Somebody wants to break into my house.
    Officer: _______ and answer my questions, please.

    A) Don’t speak
    B) Run away
    C) Calm down
    D) Go hiking
    Cevap: C
  • 15)

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